Foosball Rule #1 : Respect The Table

Whenever you learn to play a new game, first you need to learn the basic rules. In every game/sports, they have their own sets of rules. In foosball, they are rules as well. These rules may not apply to every foosball outlet in the country, but I honestly feel that these rules should be uphold by every foosers whenever they play on a foosball table. In my opinion, to be a good fooser and a good sportsman, first you need to have good attitude. Show respect to your friends, teammates, partners, and your opponents. Ultimately, show some respect to yourself by respecting the table.

The Signs
You may see ‘No Smoking’ signs on every foosball table in AsiaClub. These signs are there for a reason.

The outlet management and operator do not prohibit you from smoking. But if you do smoke, do try not to smoke while you are foosing. You don’t look cool smoking while foosing. Besides, you’ll most probably dirty the table with your cigarette ashes. Nobody likes to play on a dirty table, right?

All tables must not have an ashtray on it. It’s a foosball table. not a bar table! You may accidentally knock over the dirty ashtray into the play field in the middle of your game. I’m sure you don’t like it when the play field is dirty, right?

Do not leave your beverages on the table too. You may accidentally knock over your can or bottle drinks. Nobody likes to play on a wet and sticky table.

DO NOT LEAVE your burning cigarette on the table. A foosball table is not an ashtray. This is totally distasteful and disrespectful. The foosball tables are meant for everyone to play, not for yourself only. Your cigarette butt may fall in through the goal and got stuck on the ball rail. Don’t come chasing us if no ball comes out the next game.

If you’re an avid fooser, please learn to respect the table. If you see anyone doing whatever their not supposed to do on the table, please advise them not to do so. Together, we can make a difference and enjoy a better game of foosball.


September 12, 2005