Fancy footwork

By Samantha Chiew

If you think a foosball table is expensive, wait till you see the latest Louis Vuitton Le Babyfoot foosball table! 

Indeed, this luxurious custom made-to-order foosball table looks amazing, with its classic Louis Vuitton monogram leather wrapping the table. I mean, how else would people know you just spent US$75,000 on a foosball table? And yes, you read that right, this table comes with a whopping price tag and can go up to US$93,000 (depending on your customisation requirements), but that is not surprising at all. 

Louis Vuitton, if you don’t already know, is one of the world’s most luxurious brands dawned by the rich. And if you are actually familiar with the works of Louis Vuitton, you would notice that the Le Babyfoot material source is the same as the brand uses for its popular trunks.

By the looks of it, the table does look pretty solid, but the handles do look a little skinny and “grooveless”. According to Louis Vuitton, the men are hand-painted, inspired by a 1921 LV groom illustration, and are operated by sleek handles covered in cowhide leather for a comfortable grip.

May 13, 2020
Samantha Chiew