Fireball Sport – Home Unit


This is the entry model of the Fireball lineup. Perfect for home, office and events use. Strong and durable built with a weight of 90kg.

By Qingdao Rock-It Sports (CHINA)

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  • Silver anodized rods with 2.8mm wall thickness
  • Fixed bushings
  • Sliding score beads
  • Single ball return on both side walls
  • 25mm (1”) side walls with melamine surface, 300mm (12”) deep cabinet
  • 100mm x 800mm wooden legs with levelers
  • 90 kgs
  • Palm-friendly rubbery handles with a solid core, with tight fit on the rods
  • Magnetized score beads for game points, game count, and timeout.
  • Easily installed steal light support frames that can hold any light option
  • Precision-ground Fireball balls with hardness between Tornado and Warrior balls for superb ball control,
  • Hidden side ramps under the play surface to allow smooth wall pass and true bank shot
  • Playing figures designed for great ball control and handling, enhanced plastic material with little breakage seen so far
  • Foot design supports all styles of play and shots, especially great for back-pin and bank shots
  • Improved hardened C-pins for figures and handles
  • Improved silicone bumpers that can endure the most aggressive play